Volunteer at Majoda


Why Volunteer?

Responsibilities of Our volunteers

Responsibilities of Our volunteers

Volunteering at Majoda Stables gives you 

the opportunity to help us with the daily chores needed to care for our herd of horses, 

a donkey, 2 goats, and several chickens. 

Many high school students earn community service hours while enjoying the interaction with our animals, staff and students. 

We also rely on volunteers to help with our 

two-week summer camp programs that offer a hands-on opportunity in horsemanship. 

Volunteering at Majoda Stables is a chance 

to help people with all abilities enjoy the experience of riding a horse. 

Counselor in training classes are available for teenagers who are at least 14 years old. We will also train youth to help during the summer. 


Responsibilities of Our volunteers

Responsibilities of Our volunteers

Responsibilities of Our volunteers

Volunteers help in many ways to support 

our therapeutic riding program.

Groom and tack up horses for the lessons.


Assist in leading and sidewalking 

students during lessons.


Help keep the barn clean.


Help with caring for the animals.

 Please contact us today for a valuable 

and rewarding experience with us! 


The Rewards of Being A Volunteer

Responsibilities of Our volunteers

The Rewards of Being A Volunteer

Helping others.


Working with horses and other animals.

Being outdoors while earning experience.


Meeting other people and forming friendships.


Earn the opportunity for reduced
rates for riding lessons!  

10 hours of scheduled volunteer service earns you a $40 credit towards the monthly tuition,
or $10 off the regular lesson price.  

Therapeutic Riding at Majoda, Board Members

Do you have a skill you can lend to our nonprofit panel? Join us in our commitment to foster a connection and support the well-being 

of our students with different abilities. We welcome your enthusiasm and expertise. Please contact us for more information.


This is one of our volunteers, Frank, who is visually impaired. 


He and Pearl have been getting acquainted.


Pearl has been so attentive and gentle with Frank.