Therapeutic Riding


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Come volunteer and benefit from the joy we each experience while
we are with the horses. Feel the satisfaction of contributing
to the physical and emotional well-being of our students. 

Participate in our Volunteer Training Program: 

  • Learn how to care for, lead and side walk our horses.
  • Learn Natural Horsemanship- how to exercise and communicate with our horses naturally!

We welcome you and your skills to our program. Managerial, administrative and organizational skills are appreciated too.
We value what you enjoy  

No equine experience necessary!  


Therapeutic Riding Program 

Riding on horseback offers many benefits and advantages for individuals with learning and communication differences, emotional and social issues, and physical differences. The physical motion of the horse stimulates the areas of the brain having to do with walking.  It is rhythmical and has a cadence that the human body can respond to. It helps the rider to develop balance, coordination, and rhythm through the use of exercises and activities. Communicating with the horse, whether it be with verbal commands, or physical signals using the hands and legs, results in the horse performing the tasks the rider has asked for.  It is possible to set up situations in which the rider can experience immediate success.

Grooming the horse before or after the ride has the student using gross motor skills.  The student needs to grasp the brush firmly, and is often required to switch hands for brushing different parts of the horse’s body. The activity of grooming requires the student to cross the midline.   It is a wonderful way to connect to the horse in a non-threatening way. We have found that, in our frenzied and hectic lives, the peaceful and serene farm environment soothes the soul.   

 Please contact Vera at 215-595-7825 To schedule an appointment.  

Please support our therapeutic students!

Your support and contributions will help us to provide services.  Your generous donation will fund our mission -   "To foster connection and well-being through creative horsemanship in an environment of love and trust." 



Please contact us with any questions about our program.

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