Meet Our Horses..


She arrived to us in the fall of 2004 when we went to Lancaster to buy a lesson pony.  She wasn't the one we went to look at, but when we arrived there was a man riding a small pony with a big western saddle.  He claimed he rode her on a 6 hour trail ride the previous day!  We were horrified and immediately offered to buy her, and Spice (the pony we'd originally gone to see).  Apple was terrified and wouldn't let us catch her that day, and it's taken a long time to gain her trust, but she is now one of our most reliable lesson ponies!  We adore her.


Arrived with Apple, whereas Apple was timid and fearful, Spice was angry and aggressive.  We had to put warning signs on her stall because she would bite anyone within reach!  She was feisty and challenging but we worked it out with her.  One of our students fell in love with her and bought her from us.  Spice lived at a nearby farm for several years and then returned to us in 2016 when the farm was sold and Spice needed to move - we were happy to welcome her back.  She is still a feisty but no longer mad at the world.  She is a rock solid lesson pony, and a favorite with the kids at the barn.


We didn't actually set out to rescue Pablo, but we couldn't say no!  Diane went to rescue a goat from a very serious neglect situation in South Jersey that the ASPCA had intervened in.  When she arrived with a horse trailer to pick up the goat, she was talked into taking 3 goats, and the emaciated Shetland Pony.  We named him Pablo and provided him with the TLC he so desperately needed (and deserved).  He served as a lesson and therapy pony for years but lingering health issues have taken their toll.  Pablo is now totally blind, and requires careful management.