Diane and Apple


Apple came to us when we least expected it! In 2004 Diane went to  see another pony, Spice who you’ll see in a few days!) at a barn in  Pennsylvania, and couldn’t leave without Apple😊 thank goodness she made that decision because after a few years of experiencing the love at Majoda, Apple has overcome her fear of humans and is fully trusted in lessons with 3 year old riders❤️ we love this girl!

Diane is the owner of Majoda, our fearless leader!! After many years of  teaching riding lessons at other barns, Diane started her own program at  Majoda in 1992. With a degree in special education, Diane developed a therapeutic program which runs in conjunction with the other lessons at Majoda❤️ she is head over hooves for Miss Apple💕


 We got Skippy from South Jersey Horse Rescue but he wasn’t an abuse case. We traded a pick up truck full of hay for him!

The Majoda horses were terrified of him at first, especially Apple! Everyone galloped around the field in excitement!

He shares his space now with two goats (who you’ll be introduced to soon!) Godiva & Billy although Skippy loves his playtime in the  field with his best bud Sebastian!


 Our Pablo came to us in the fall of 2008 from a very unfortunate  situation where he’d been starved and neglected.  Diane rescued him and  the much needed TLC began immediately❣️  Pablo became a wonderful lesson pony for many years, he's a favorite  among our barn kids. Unfortunately, the lack of care in Pablo’s early  years continues to affect him today. He is totally blind, and has  chronic health issues that require frequent vet visits and many  medications. We started the Pablo Fund where anyone can donate to help  us with his care, and we want everyone to know how much we truly  appreciate your past donations! The link to donate is still on our  website❣️ Pablo is enjoying retirement and his life, safe at home here at Majoda, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Vera, Poppers and Sebastian

Vera is PATH, International Certified for Therapeutic Instruction, and  has over 5 years of experience teaching at Majoda Stables. Vera has a strong background in Natural Horsemanship, and is a supportive and  caring teacher of children and adults alike!

Poppers is an ex-racehorse who came to Majoda after Diane took him  in the day before he was sent to auction. Vera quickly fell in love with  Poppers and took him under her wing. After years of training and love,  Poppers is now a wonderful HIPster horse! He is loving his job and his  friends❤️

Sebastian came to Majoda in 2014, and was adopted by Vera in 2016. His dad was a paint horse, his mom a Percheron - Sebastian is the tallest horse at the barn!this big guy is an amazing lesson horse for adults and is a part of our therapeutic riding program❤️

Billy & Godiva

Billy (left) is the newest member of our Majoda family, he arrived  earlier this year. He came to us through a friend who had Billy and his  brother. Sadly, Billy’s brother passed away leaving Billy very lonely.  These days Billy lives with Skippy who we featured on day two and Godiva  who you’ll meet next! He’s such a curious and social guy, who loves to  climb. Billy is definitely keeping everyone on their toes (or hooves!) We are so happy he’s found a home with us💙

Godiva is truly one of the sweetest creatures, ever!  She came to us after we gave another goat to our large animal veterinarian, Dr Matt!  Godiva lived on a dairy farm at the time, however she wasn’t quite  fitting in with the baby goats residing at the farm.  However, Godiva  settled in perfectly with us at Majoda. Her favorite activities include  exploring stalls for left over food, and soaking in all the attention (and peanuts!) she can get.❤️

Sofia and Santa

Sofia is 16 years old and she’s been riding for about 3 years now.   She’s a member of the HIPster program (horsemanship intensive program)  and loves playing at liberty with Santa❤️ Sofia also rides Pearl, Spice and Poppers!

Santa came to us from a rescue located in north Jersey. He was rescued at an auction by the owner of the rescue on Christmas Eve hence his name, Santa.  This buy guy is an awesome HIPster lesson horse, he loves  being out in the field and loves cookies! We are so fortunate to have him with us❤️

Madi and Doc

Doc came to us from a local riding center near Majoda.  He used to be a  show horse so he’d travel a lot to competitions. Doc is unfortunately  severely allergic to fly bites so, he needs a lot of love and TLC during  the spring / summer months. We keep him as pampered as possible during  those times with some specialized care❤️  Doc is an amazing lesson horse in our therapeutic program, and was also  involved in our last Majoda open house performance. This red pony makes  any task look easy.

Madi is 13 years old and has been riding her  entire life! She’s got family ties at our barn and spends most of her  weekends here. She loves trail rides and lessons with Vera💕

Fell Ponies!

Our three Fell Ponies were born in England and came over to the United  States when they were two years old.  They lived with a family in the area but were donated to Majoda when the family relocated.  Do these  ponies look familiar? They are the Queen of England’s favorite breed of  horse, she rides her Fell Pony daily❤️ we totally understand her love for them!!

Rosalie and Harry

Harry is bay colored, and stands a  bit taller than his brother Reiver and their sister Pearl. Harry is a beloved therapeutic lesson horse and has been a HIPster (horsemanship  intensive program) horse for years.  Rosalie created Harry his own hashtag that you can follow along with #dayswithharryman

Rosalie started volunteering  at Majoda in 2015, and now sits on the board of directors.  She works at  a media company in Pennsylvania. Rosalie can usually be found hangin’  with Harry.

Ana and Reiver

Reiver is all black with a white star on his forehead😍  he’s an amazing lesson pony, and he’s also involved with our HIPster  program! Reiver has a huge personality, and is oh so loving.

Ana has been riding for about 4 years, she’s one of our HIPsters! She loves  going on trail rides with Reiver and also rides Spice!💕